Time Flies When I Hide

Growing up, I think I have always carried a weight of anxieties over my shoulder.  I worry about the simplest of things, about school, friends, family, but mostly about what I want to do.  Or how can I be able to what I want to do. Or should I do what I want to do. … Continue reading Time Flies When I Hide


I Can’t Be Sorry. . .

I can't be sorry for coming off with a strong personality. I can't be sorry for learning how to stand for myself. I can't be sorry for being aloof at first meeting, or even at second. I can't be sorry for taking a step back from someone who has wronged me. I can't be sorry for… Continue reading I Can’t Be Sorry. . .


What Do I Want to Do?

At any point of our lives, there will come a time when we'll feel insecure and unworthy.  We'll start to see more of other people's achievements and even their goals, sometimes to the point that we set their achievements as our goals and their goals as our future plans.  We tend to believe that what makes… Continue reading What Do I Want to Do?