A – Acoustic

Music holds such an amazing power.  It’s a good distraction from anything mind bugging.  It puts me to sleep when my thoughts strangle my doziness with an incredible strength. Acoustic songs sound so clean to me, so smooth and easy breezy.

I’m a huge Ed Sheeran fan and one of the greatest reasons why is because there’s a sense of cleanliness in his music that is radiating.   I hear his voice and I feel every word like woa, I could live my whole life not listening to anyone but to this ginger. Most of his songs are acoustic and I love the clear sound of the music. Add to that the British accent which I am so attracted to.

I’m not the Pop type when it comes to sounds but I like the reverberation of the party songs.  I’m the kind that would opt to listen to country music or Ed Sheeran songs rather than the other genres.  I like them, too, but acoustics are just the right ones to make me smile anytime of the day.

Next: B – Banshee.


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