8 Days Til Christmas!

For the last day of classes tomorrow, our block has decided to hold a classroom party with our professor.  There’s going to be the usual set of gift givings, chatters, foods, and lots and lots of foods, and the rocking music! 

For the person I picked, I bought a plain V-Neck shirt because she’s pretty simple.  I hope I got the right shade of pink because it took me almost an hour before I finally decided what I’m getting her. That really exhausted my feet from walking back and forth boutiques.  And I just resorted to a basic plain tee. She’s not so lucky with me.  Well it was difficult to choose what can suit her taste because we don’t really have the same sense of fashion.

My friends and I are bringing Tacos.  Foods.  It’s the best thing about parties.  I get to eat without thinking how much money I’ve spent for it.

I’m incredibly excited for tomorrow, to eat massively!  And, I’m thrilled to see my gift!


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