Starting Over Again


It’s a hit Filipino movie starring the country’s bests, Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga.  It’s a story about relationships, commitment and trust.  But more than that, it talks about the real picture of what it takes to pay the full price of being with the one you love.  It talks about moving on and understanding that not because you were once deeply in love with the person means they’re your forever.  Maybe, they’re just one person to make you realize who you really are, what you really are and who you can be for the name of love.

We are never really the person we think we are until we surpass trials we never thought we can battle.  This film has taught me that once in our life, we’ll meet one person who’ll change us.  They could be anyone or someone really special.  We may not be certain whether they’re staying in our life or not, but we can always have the chance to know if we will to make them stay.  Whether you believe in “what’s meant to be will be” or not, we can always take the chance to step over the line if we know the person’s worth the try.


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