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Reunion with High School Friends

Yesterday, I went off to see my high school friends for our annual Christmas party/reunion.  I couldn’t think of what to bring and then they said they wanted to have some wine so I figured that would be my contribution.  I met up with some of them earlier to buy snacks, and then headed to the place where we’re having the party.  When we got in, there was the usual burst of loud chatter on top of the banging music. You don’t know how much our class loves karaoke singing so everyone was on the top of their lungs. You’re gonna love the vibe instantly if you’re a music lover like us!

It’s kind of funny how it was mostly the guys who are working in the kitchen while ladies are busy talking excitedly about girl stuffs.  As for me, I fried some onion rings which was by the way sold out every time it gets served.

I enjoyed the food and the company.  I guess what’s so lovely about reunion with your high school friends is the part where you talk about all the silly and ridiculous things you did back then.  How you hated each other, once or twice, and managed to keep the friendship after all.  Stories about the good times you had.  It’s such a wonderful feeling to have friends see you at your worst and still love you anyway.  That’s how I feel like when I’m with them.  They liked me even I was unlikable.

All throughout the party, we were eating and singing and shouting and just having fun like we’re back in our high school days! In a year, most of them are graduating college while some of us who are taking up 5, 6-year courses stays behind in our respective universities.  Even then, I hope things don’t ever change with us.  I guess that’d be my forever Christmas wish for our friendship.


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