Random Facts

If you are your Santa . . .

Even when I was a kid, I always wanted to learn how to play guitar.  Although, I have never had the chance or time to make that happen.  I didn’t know what’s the reason why but f I’m remembering it right, I never told my mom my love for it so she had no idea I was wishing for a guitar every single Christmas. I don’t know how to ask either.  Yes, that is the kind of weird daughter I am.

The love I have for acoustic music ignites more. Yesterday, our family lunch over at my Uncle’s. He’s a musician, a one man band.  After having our festive meal together, he brought his instruments out and my little nephews played some pieces for us. They have a whole drum set, keyboards and an electric guitar.   Oh, my nephews lives with my musician uncle so he teaches them how to play.  Just looking at them enjoying the sound they make together brings back the will I had for years I have kept silently.  The thought of wanting to play a guitar whirls back inside my head.  Music has always been apart of me and how great will it be if I can play and jam even without my phone to ring me songs.

And, I’ve talked to my brother and told him I’m buying a guitar with the money I got as gifts.  It’s going to be my goal from now: to learn how to play guitar come early next year after our finals. I know there’s still a while to wait but school’s tough so I can’t handle any more distractions. But, I’m definitely making it work on summer break.
How about you? If you’re your Santa, what would you give yourself first?


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