Santa carried out her promise!

I told you how much I wanted to learn play the guitar and that I’m buying one with the money I got as presents.  And guess what, I’ve already got it!

Last night, we went out to bond and spend a night of fun and have gone to the mall.  We bought tickets to see this horror movie, but we were a little early for the screening time so we’ve decided to stroll around shops first. In between chatters, my brother asked if I wanted to check out instruments since we’re already in there.

I didn’t know how to identify what’s what so my sister texted her boyfriend who knows loads of stuff about music and instruments. Fortunately, he is a valued client of the store we went to so they gave a little discount on the unit we decided to purchase.  I was a little short on funds. Being the lucky kid I am, I have a brother who’s supportive.  He volunteered to pay off the balance under the condition that he gets to use the guitar, too. Well, that was an easy deal.

Thanks to the both of my brother and sister who’re always there behind me for support!

I guess you just have to let your dreams flap its wings!


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