Random Facts

Happy 2015!


We celebrated over at my Uncle’s.  It was a feast! There was massive loads of wonderful dishes! We brought Tacos and Carrot muffins which my sister baked early morning of the 31st.  Diet is absolutely out of the context ladies and gentlemen.  This is the season to forget things like that.  Not that I do know how to skip meals even on the baddest or saddest days.

We did a countdown ourselves and blasted up our roars when clock hits the 12:00! There were beautiful fireworks everywhere.  Bright lights are without a doubt for all ages.  Our faces were masked with delight and painted with colors by the reflection of the fireworks as we watch them dance above us.

Waving good-bye to 2014 is both a relief and a joy.  A lot of memorable happenings had happened to me this past year and it’s a joy to keep them forever with me.  I am thankful of the things I have I learned, have done and have seen.  Although, it was also a tough year as we faced calamities which have struck and had taken away lives and homes.  None of my family members were gravely affected but the serious devastation the typhoons have inflicted costed too many people’s hope.

There are a lot of things I have failed to do in 2014 which I hope to accomplish this year 2015. I don’t remember doing a new year’s resolution even in the past new years, and not again this time. I don’t need to make a promise to myself which I will eventually break. I want to feel the need to change over time and not just push myself into it just because I thought there has to be a new me.  I guess new year’s resolution works for other people but not for me.

Make good memories this 2015! See yourself progress!


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