Midterms Nearing

It’s almost the end of the first week back in school and Midterm exams are coming next! After being able to ‘adjust’ and let go of the holiday feels, college tortures me with pressure.  My head’s already information-overloaded of the things that don’t even relate to school.  There’s so little space I can add in for math!

By the way, for your information I am an Engineering Student.  I major in Industrial Engineering and so far, so goo- so far I’m okay. Hey, don’t think I look sulky every day because all I do is go to school to learn math, which sounds so sad and dark to most people.  I mean, it can be really bad sometimes but I find fun in it as well.  Considering I’m no geek.  Industrial Engineering is also more of the management and ergonomics and stuffs like that so it’s not actually all math.

I hope I pass in all these tests!


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