C – Campfire

I would love to go on a real campfire hangout.  I’ve been to a school camping but that’s not actually the kind I wanted to experience.  I want to do it with friends.  Smaller group with foods and guitar and jamming and lots and lots of singing.  We’ll fill the night with stories, reminisce the past and awkward stories of the first day in high school where we all met.  Or if it is with my college friends, we’d talk about the foolish late night last minute revisions of our papers for the majors we still don’t care about.  I’m sure it’s going to be fun. It’s dark and besides the stars, the fire will light and warm us up.  We’re not doing it in some friends’ wide front lawn.  We’ll do it by the beach and we’ll enjoy the music of the water’s wave.  It’ll be relaxing that everyone will be so comfortable to share anything funny or sad.  The deepest conversations, happiest moments and silliest things will be hot topics on that night and everyone will be sleeping then with full hearts.

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