D – Dreams

I have so many dreams for an average teenage girl but I’m almost 19 and I’m not even close to any of them on the list. Except I guess the fact that I’m in college and that’s only the stepping stone for me to be successful, which is only on the 3rd of my list.

You might be asking why ‘to be successful’ is only the 3rd when that’s all we’re aiming for after years and years of school.  Well, I haven’t really figured why that is but I think that more than being successful, I want to be able to use that success to live well and happy.  I mean, I won’t just work for me to have multiple bank accounts.  I think that most of us, if not all, would love to travel while we’re young.  Without money and work, how is that possible? Bottom line is that ‘to be successful’ wouldn’t even be a dream to me if not for the other things it offers.

Okay, here it goes. The list of the things I will be spending my future money from my future job:

  • Food. Massive. (I also want to be donating parts of my earnings to charity for street children.  Yes, I can be generous, too.)
  • Have a home theatre.  (The best you can imagine)
  • Have a music room/studio (So I can study how to play other instruments without disturbing my siblings from next door)
  • Built a Youtube channel and be like Ryan Higa or be part of the Wong Fu Productions!
  • Meet Ed Sheeran and be friends with him!
  • Befriend a complete stranger
  • Sit in to a class from a college that’s far far far away from the one I’m attending
  • Watch the taping of a movie
  • Jump off a cliff
  • Learn how to swim
  • Learn how to not get scared of the water
  • Eat less (which I’m afraid is not gonna happen when part of the list says I’m spending money massively for food)
  • To do a song cover. In front of a crowd. (On the second thought, I’m socially awkward)

Alright, alright.  Everything’s exaggerated, but you get what I want. Somehow. I hope.

Next: E – Engineering


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