Road to Happiness in Love


I attended a talk in our school which is entitled Road to Happiness in Love.  You can guess what it’s all about.

I’ve heard in the trailer of Chris Evans’ upcoming movie, Playing It Cool, that “Love is not a thinking thing, it’s a feeling thing.”  If that’s the case, how do we love righteously if it’s all a feeling thing? Fr. Anthony, the speaker, spoke of two things/stories on how to find happiness in love.  Let me share with you the things I learned from them.

Be Grateful

             Be grateful for who you are and that includes being grateful for what you’re not.  Accepting your uniqueness from others also means embracing the difference you make from the crowd.  Envying others for thinking that there are lots of people who admire them keeps you from seeing the ones that likes you.  If you want to the change your look, your values or beliefs, do it for your own good; but, do not ever change for the sake of other’s opinion.  Do not be someone else to somebody’s eyes because you’re only making them recognize a person who doesn’t truly exist.  Look at yourself in the mirror and say, God, thank You for my kind of beauty. 

Learn to Love and Be Loved

             Allow yourself to be taken cared of.  Do not always think that with every kind gesture towards you means an equivalent price to pay at the end of the day.  Allow yourself to see the goodness in the hearts of other people.  Although, some might say that generation now is far different and some treat love as a game, we must set walls and boundaries but make friends with them. Make them see that more than a game, it’s a challenge.  A challenge to conquer fear of being hurt, or fear of losing trust so that they may truly love. See the finest intentions of those who show affection and care. Treasure them with much gratitude, never neglect them.  In love, the more you give, the more you will receive.  

What do you think of the way to the road of happiness in love? 


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