Midterm Exams: Result


My instructors are too considerate during the midterms that it scares me.  Are they going to be like that until the finals? Jeez who knows? Some instructors are silent killers.  They would tell you you’re doing okay, and then you get a 3.00 on their subject, which is equivalent to 75%.

Okay, some exam papers were given back and good Lord, I failed on only one! Well, not that the rest received really good marks but at least, for someone doing her majors, that’s pretty decent.  Alright, that’s not okay-okay.  I should be striving for greater achievements.  Don’t worry folks, I’ll certainly work twice as hard this finals.

I don’t know if this is how they do it in every college but in ours, every midterms, you get to see your standing.  At least, with that, you can say whether you’re doing smoothly uphill or just trekking a 90 degree mountain.  Either way, you would know how less procrastination can be inserted into your schedule.  So far, out of the 9 courses I’m taking, (that’s 29 units, btw) I’m average on most and for the two minor subjects, I got really decent scores.


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