Reaching the Sky


Reaching new heights is good and liberating.  It’s a challenge with no one to beat or race against with but your own record.  The tough part is, you either win or lose because it’s a you-versus-you competition.  Win the jackpot or throw the lot.  But on the optimist’s viewpoint, it’s the kind of challenge where you don’t lose anything because it’s a win-win game.  If you win at first shot, congratulations, you did it right.  Now you have another record to beat.  If you lose, no worries buddy, at least you learned something.  In your second or third attempt, you know better than before.  You can always give it another try.

It’s almost a cycle to continue until one day, you get contented of the best that you think you already are.  It’s not  bad stay at a certain level of success, if that’s all that you want for yourself.  Some find joy at the simplest pleasures in life, while some enjoy the thrill of the roller coaster ride.  Having less than what others have doesn’t mean having less than what makes you happy. Your measure of success doesn’t have to match other’s.  We all view life and living differently, which is why we can’t dictate others what to do.  Reaching your goal is through a uniquely paved sky way than mine and all other people.  If you happen to see some along your way, do not war against them because there is an unlimited source of the thing we all want which is happiness.


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