Where Have You Been?


Everybody says you get more cautious as you get older, more afraid of change.  But it isn’t true.  The truth is, you get bolder.  You don’t think about whether it’s dangerous, because you might not get another chance. . . There are consequences to everything.  Not just the things you do, but the things you don’t do.”

-Elise Broach, Desert Crossing

Could this be the same for all of us?  Do people get really bold as they age?

I guess this happens to people who have reserved themselves so much from the things they could have done when they were young.  It happens to people who have been working on things they never really wanted but had to do.  Life has battled with their mind, asking whether to go for what they think is right or to be where they wanna be. I couldn’t figure whether there is a right or wrong choice.

I thought that as we age, we can only regret of the things we did or didn’t do.  It never dawned on me that you can still go for something even when you think time’s over.  Truth is, there’s no timeline to anything.  It’s us that’s going to make those milestones happen. The choice to reach our dreams is not based on our age, but on our will  in making them come true. 

Where have you been? Are you where you have to be or where you wanna be? Couldn’t there be a way to be on the same side of those two? Can’t we be where we have to be and do what we want to do at the same time?  Are you happy where you have been? Answer this yes or no, my follow up question is, where will you be next?

How could there be more parts of my life magnified? Because I want in my later years to remember them as if they were only yesterday.  I want them to be clear and big in my head and drown myself to happiness.  I don’t want to get bolder only when I’m aged.  I want to explore in every chance there is.

I will figure how.


3 thoughts on “Where Have You Been?”

    1. I’m really glad that you found some time to read my posts. It’s such a joy to see someone appreciate the simple and humble beginnings of someone like me. More power and inspiration to your community Sir! Thanks for following me, too!

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