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Milktea + Good Company


I have classes on Saturdays.  A 3-hour lecture on Marketing System and 5 hours for Industrial Processes.  Total of 8 dreadful hours of pretentious work.  Just kidding.  Industrial process is a fun course to be honest.  There are laboratory exercises which we do every meeting.  There’s woodwork, welding, molding and etc., to familiarize ourselves with the nature of the work we’ll keep in order in the future.  Didn’t they say that simulation is a great way to learn? It’s fun because we get to see the actual process and are able to find optimal ways to provide better output.   Which is one of the Industrial Engineers’ job.

We got off school around 7:15 pm and school was almost clear of young brainiacs.  There aren’t so many Saturday afternoon classes for this second semester. Which is a downer for me who goes to school during the weekend.  There weren’t plans for that Saturday night.  My friends and I are about to set off when we saw the tea shop across the road still open. No one’s too tired to go straight home either so we decided to brush the night and chill out a bit.

As you enter the shop, the ambiance is really radiating with all the post-its at one corner, sort of a freedom board for the customers who wish to send feedback or cute messages to other customers. The color of the sofas are pastel yellow.  Very happy. There are UNO cards for customers to play in that shop, books to read and good music to enjoy, too! And I really have to credit the awesome awesome food and tea! Their waffles are killers!

It’s very refreshing to chill and lay back sometimes after some school work.  We were just talking and playing and cheering!  There was no one else in the shop at that hour so it felt really homey.

Good company is important to enjoy the ride.  Make sure you have the lot in school!


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