Happy February!


Yesterday, I went out with my friends since it’s the first day of our School’s Foundation Week celebration.  Our school holds a Solidarity concert open also for outsiders as part of the celebration. Although, it’s not for free because the program is organized by the council of student organizations and they are inviting some of the country’s best artists, it has always received a great response. It’s their third run this year since the first time the student government started the event.

The concert starts at 7 pm but gates open at around 2 pm.  Since there’s so much time to spare, my friends and I decided to meet early and see a movie before going to the concert.  Well, its February so we went for a movie that suits the time.  When we’re out of the theater, clock ticks at 1:50 pm so we grabbed something for lunch and went to Starbucks after filling our stomachs. It was great to spend the day not thinking anything related to paper works.  Talking like we all have the time in the world and to lay back just like we did gives such a refreshing feeling. It eases my mind to just be able to allow myself some time to free my head from work and lessons.

Sometimes, even if I like going to school, it’s just frustrating to go everyday and store data and not be able to process all at once.  Yesterday was a reward for the long while we’ve put our hands to non-stop writing.  It was a time to listen, not to our professors on how to compute for the total voltage as phasor, but to friends who tell the most fun and ridiculous stories.  Every day, you get to exchange chatters as well but it’s just different when your not around school.  There’s more time to remember and share deeper conversations.  We stayed there for almost two and a half hours. After the long happy hours of talking, we took the cab to our school and bought tickets for the concert.  Good music, great company and awesome time.  We weren’t able to have dinner but I went home full. 


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