Information Overload!

For two days straight now, I’ve been in front of the computer for almost the entire day.  We’re working on this case study for Methods Engineering and the karma of my procrastination days are now on shift as well.  The work’s pretty much manageable, only if there are no classes to attend to.  Nothing gets into my head with this much radiation in my head.  Student’s really are too complacent about time.

It’s fun to cram and all. I’ve been so used to the challenge I can’t even complain over it.  But I hope to not want this kind of thinking anymore.  Well, I wish I can be studious all the time but that’s just sad.  Just thinking about having pi round the clock pains my heart.  That’s even a definition of betrayal.

A lot’s going inside my head, which is why I can’t fully concentrate on school works and lessons. Even so, I’m excited to end the rest of the week because after this, things will at least be lighter than they are now.


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