Sad Days Make You


At one point, every one of us will feel alone, a little sad inside.  At one point, we’ll think of why are we ever standing at the other side of the road when there are people across, waiting.  There will be days when we’ll wonder why we’re never anyone’s first choice.  One bizarre situation can make us feel that sudden pain of longing to have the attention.    You’ll think it was you why things happened.  You’ll think it’s the words you said that offended them and you’ll want to do anything to take them back. Maybe it’s the way I spoke, the way I looked at them, or the way I carried myself in front of them. Maybe I was being insensitive?  But I just expressed my side!  Or maybe it’s just my fault to suggest what I think is good.  

You will want to believe that you are special your own way.  You will want to think that you’re just having a bad day and that eventually, it will all be okay.  Sometimes, no matter how much words you have stuck in your head to comfort yourself, you seem to forget them all when the time comes.  That doesn’t mean you’re weak, not anyone.  We’re all just pained and wounded by the situation we never see coming. We are never alone, that’s one for certain.  But, the thing with us people, we don’t just want to know it.  There’s a part of us that always want to feel we’re never by ourselves.  We’ll look for people to catch us as we fall.  We want them to see instead of let them hear through our own voice.  We show them how we suffer and then hide when they come to test who follows, to test who’s real because pain taught us to never trust fully.  

A day will come when we’ll feel a little sad and broken or alone.  Looking at it as a lesson when it happens seems difficult.  But, when things are over and the waves and storms have calmed, we’ll realize how strong we were to stand the cold.  I wouldn’t say it’s perfectly normal to feel odd days like that, but if everyone gets through it, doesn’t that make it normal?  The world turns slowly to remind the time goes by day.  Each time we fall, the world will move to new days and roll us up to our feet. Like how all else say it, things will get better.  Experiences hone us for the future selves we are yet to become, for dreams we have yet to achieve.  Longing for people’s attention makes us think we are less loved.  The catch is, the thought only comes to us because we appreciate ourselves much less than we have to.  If they can’t accept the way you talk and show how you feel, don’t even think about changing unless they’re real friends to tell you what they think is wrong and help you change for the better. Be happy for the days you’re sad because they didn’t just make you stronger, they make you.


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