How to Live

12 Questions to take time to think through: #12

12. How would you like people to remember you when you die?

To think of how many people would be there on your last day on earth is pretty hard to imagine.  To think of how will they remember you is another.

Do you think the way you’re building your name today makes a great deal of how you want to be for other people?  Today or tomorrow, what you do for others will remain forever in their hearts.  Good or bad, all the things we say or do will be a history written in the sky and witnessed by the sun.

We would often tell people we never really care about what other people think.  True.  We don’t, but never not at all.  We care about what the people we love have to say.

See, this question doesn’t just ask you to be well, or be successful.  It isn’t for show to make others know what you have become.  This asks you whether you want to look like the good daughter, or a loving son to your parents.  This asks you if you want to be the best you can be.  This asks you if you want to be the friend that never leaves when skies are gray.  This asks if when all else fail, are you the person who never gives up or someone who throws at life like crazy.  It’s not about those outside the circle and what they’ll say about you.

     It’s about who you want to be for them and what expression you want them to wear when they say your name.  


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