Random Facts

RF: #003

Blogging isn’t very new to me.  This is the third time I’m reinventing myself in the cyber world but this is the first time I made an account on word press.  I was once a part of the happy family of Tumblr.  For a long while, that place and the community there has been somehow my resting place. It used to be a place where I can vent and speak of whatever I want.  But, those times I was there wasn’t all happy.  I enjoyed the interaction, the writing, the funny memes.  I relate to other teenagers’ sadness and longing and all the time I was there, I know I belong.  We all somehow think the same, or at least the people I found interest and followed.  But, the thing is the more I see sad people, the more I become sad, too.  They were down and the sadness only grew stronger, or so I thought because suddenly I felt myself getting frustrated of the feeling, too. I don’t want to be living like the days are pricking on me every single time.  I want to be on the brighter side of the road. Not the entire of Tumblr family is like that, I won’t dare say that because a huge part of Tumblr is extremely adorable.  It was just that I was once dragged by the wave of storm to the one part that needed comforting hugs. Unfortunately, lonely people attracted only those who felt the same. There were a lot of positive people giving love and advice through messages. That kind of communication made that place harder to leave.  Even so, I decided to completely shut the account to do a restart.

Well, before there were bad days like that, there were happy times.  I found a friend to talk and some acquaintances.  Tumblr will still always be the place I know I’m coming back to anyhow.


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