Book Challenge: The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

I was totally curious about the book since I saw the movie trailer of The DUFF.  The trailers were so fun to watch like they activated the high school spirit in me.  It’s always fun to see the high school drama when you’re over that period because then you can see right through the picture and actually laugh about it.  Because they speak the truth in one way or another.

I see how some instances of high school in fiction stories aren’t like how they are in reality because writers try to inject all elements of young, wild, free and innocence altogether in a youth oriented show.  Which makes them relatable to some and exaggerated to others.

Here’s what I think about the book.  It points out a lot of issues teenagers face during the early stage of adolescence. The book talks about the differences on how youngsters view life and its mishaps. With those differences, they resort to different habits, good or bad, to divert their attentions from the real problems. One may be doing something completely odd or delusional to escape the world they’re living.   The DUFF tells a lot about how everyone is going through something which no one could ever know of unless you pay much attention.

It’s a cliche to see mean girls or judgmental jerks in high school dramas but it’s because that’s how it’s been lately.  There’s so much hating and despising that they forget everyone’s just like everyone else.  If we want other people to see what’s our fake smiles are trying to say, don’t lie when they ask you what’s wrong and roll your eyes when they believe you.

There’s more to this book than what I said it talks about.  There are a lot of issues confronted.  I’d like it very much if high school students read this book.  I wouldn’t doubt most of them telling me how it can’t happen to them like how it did in the book for Bianca.  Yes, separating reality from fiction couldn’t be hard, but putting two and two together couldn’t be all that difficult either.


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