Book challenge: Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

I relate to the main character Ruby.  Not that I do drugs or wanted so bad to escape home at one point.  I relate to her in a way that I keep myself away from people.  I have friends and all but like her, I keep a certain line in between.  For no exact reason that I could figure now why, but it seems logical to me to do just that.  I guess I want to keep a part of me all to myself to that point that no one knows what I feel, or how I feel.

It’s the first time I found a book that speaks so close to what I feel, about opening up to friends.  So I’m really glad to have read this one.  It pushes me to see the real picture, how not showing efforts to opening up to people makes me and how other people suffer from trying and failing to get through my walls.

I have learned from this book that it is okay to show the brittle side of you to people you trust.  Showing them your frail moments both lightens your feelings knowing there are people to offer shoulders to lean on and makes them feel your trust.


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