How to Live

12 Questions to take time to think through: #11

11.  Is there any specific person you would like to meet?

If after reading this question and you’re first impression is like why, we probably felt the same.  The question doesn’t imply anything at first read but over and over, if you try to contemplate what does this ask, it becomes sensible.  No?

Lately, I see some teenagers’ tweets are about looking for someone — special friend, friend or a best friend.  We think the answer to our loneliness and longings are people who can fill the empty spaces, the blanks.  In truth, we have no one specific in our mind who we want to meet, because we need to meet them. We ask of fate, of destiny, of God, to give us the person who will be with us through anything.  If this is your case, just let things come naturally.  The day will come when you’ll never have to wish for it, because it’s already right in front of you.


If you have someone really specific who you’d want to meet, come to this person.  No one knows when the time is right.  Approach them when you feel like it, but do not ever hold back for the fear of rejection.  Rejection is better than not trying at all.


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