12 Questions to take time to think through: #10

10. What do you want people you love to know?


Our heads are always filled with great amount of random and silly thoughts.  Some we want to let other people know but we just don’t know how, and some we want to keep to ourselves for good.

Sometimes words are hard to find when the moment seems to come and everything shrinks that it’s almost impossible to think.  When that happens, you just embarrass yourself by stuttering and bringing up something that’s completely out of nowhere. Suddenly you wish you never dared to speak a single word.  The amount of humiliation scares us from speaking our minds, from telling the truth that is dying to cry its way out of our skin.  Other times, worse than humiliation, we fear rejection.  We are frightened of the possibility than the person we love might not react in a way we hope them to.

But see, who knows what’s across the line? Didn’t they say the bigger losers are the ones that never even tried?

If there’s something you want to confess to the person you love, tell them now, or when you’ve got it all figured out.  Do not even think about whether you’re just hurting them by saying something.  If you feel they deserve to know what is, then have the courage to bring it up.  If it means clearing up the dark clouds inside your head, do it.

If it’s something good, well, there’s no better time than today! Time runs faster when you’re in love and when you’re with the person you love (at least that’s what i heard).  Talk to them to make every second count.

If it’s something about the past, you should decide whether it still matters for them to know or not.  Does it have anything to do with the both of you? Do you feel like it’s important for them to know? Does it make you feel like you’re hiding something if you don’t tell them? Think about these things and then decide on it.  Anyways, if they love you too, they’ll be understanding whatever it is that you say.

You’re doing it out of love and honesty comes with love.

There’s no better time than everyday in telling the person you love that you love them. 


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