Random Facts

RF: #005


I don’t know how to swim.  I’m from a tropical country and you assume that all the people here love the water.  I do, actually, it just doesn’t give me the assurance I won’t drown in it every time I get in for a dip.  I told you in my other post that i’m short and I guess that’s one reason why I’m scared of the water.  I can only go until chin deep-level.  I still love summer though; the thought of it makes me happy.  Although the sun is terribly searing even at such an early hour these days, it still means hanging out with family and friends.

I tried learning from the few tips and encouragements from my uncle but I just can’t help panicking.  But, maybe I’m not yet hopeless about this.  I still have two weeks break after my classes and summer next year, and the one after that.


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