Happy Mother’s Day!


Without her loving arms and caring heart, all the years of our life could not have been more treasured.  She is the only woman we will all be turning back to say infinite thank you’s to because if not for her eyes that only looked at us, we wouldn’t have been where we are.  She will always open her doors, without questions, even when the world seems to shut us down.

She defines the meaning of sacrifice, trust, respect, inspiration, and unconditional love.  To her, our existence will never be a mistake, never a doubtful grace.  To her, we will always be an angel.  Even as we age and our hands growing bigger than hers, we all know who’s holding tighter.  Our eyes may not always be cheerful but hers will always mirror a shower of concern for us.  She has the warmest embrace. Her beauty is limitless.

Her every waking day, her every tomorrow is dedicated to us.  Her dream is to help us achieve ours.  Her life revolves around ours.

To the woman who completely devotes herself to being a doctor, teacher, disciplinarian, friend, playmate, chef, superhero, mighty defender, mother, thank you! You are the best!

You’re the only woman I’ll love like this! Thanks, Ma!


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