What has your favorite TV series taught you?


A lot of teenagers’ time are invested in watching a TV series.  Whether it be a sitcom, fantasy, drama, or a musical, these series are going into our heads to the extent we want a live best friend whose personality is parallel to the fictional character we admire most.  But this isn’t only about the kind of cool they act with the attitude they were written to have.  It isn’t always about how unrealistic the settings are, or sarcastic for some instances.

There is a reason why every death of a fictional character tears us apart as much as we can imagine.  Every scene has another story that is happening in our minds.  There is more to the summary that wiki cannot tell you because only your feelings can express it.

A lot of us teenagers find time watching TV series because a lot of the stories tell the emotions we keep shelled.  Some stories express the feelings we can’t pen on our school essays.  But, that’s not what’s topping this all. It is the fact that at the end of each episode, they’ll make you see something that’s worth to think about.  Something to contemplate on.  Something to teach you about what you’re going through.  Those stories have a way of sending messages we can relate to.

The series I have seen so far have a lot to do with how I deal with things now, especially on society and friendship.  They have taught me the real value of relationships and trust.  Teen Wolf, on top of all the other I’ve seen, has made me feel the love and sense of brotherhood between friends.  Like how when you’re in trouble, you are never alone.  And that real friends would be willing to take the bullet for you.  Not that my friends haven’t made me feel that, but there was this barrier I have kept for long and Teen Wolf made me try to break that wall.  It made me see there could be that kind of security between friends.

At the end of each episode is a line that says everything is going to be all right as long as you are with friends, with family. 


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