Random Facts

Happy Father’s Day!


Growing up, I was realizing that my father was a very quiet person.  Having the little conversations with him didn’t make me know him deeply.  It was the stories my mom would tell me about at the early ages of their marriage that made me see the kind of person he is.  My dad wasn’t very expressive, which is a trait I kind of got from him.  I was less of a talker among my friends. But even though he wasn’t much of a mushy guy, I could totally tell how much he loved my mother.  And that was all that mattered to me.  My father loved us deep in his heart.  You can tell in the way his eyes looked at you.  He was always present in our special days.

I am not the best child nor can I be a candidate for that award and I’m not proud of it.  But my father was my father because of God’s reasons, and I guess, I am understanding why.

Daddy, I know you’re in a better place right now.  And I know you’re still keeping your eyes on us.  Thank You!


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