Love Wins!


I know this might be a little late to comment but whatever.  I’m posting it anyway. It’s a huge step for America to take on the lead about supporting the LGBT community on their marriage rights.  I think that it is important to point out that this doesn’t only make the LGBT community alone feel valued and embraced.  For someone out of that community, I felt the love their leader has for his people. This speaks a lot not only of how the country respects the essence of freedom and rights but it also implies that the upper hands listen to what its people want, to what its people need. I just hope that this doesn’t give birth to a bigger argument between the Christians and the others.  In the first place, it is out of love that we have something we fight for.  I know that in the end, greater and deeper understanding will come to those who still doubt the need for this move to happen. I know that for someone as young as I am, people may say that it might be a little harder to understand the conflicting beliefs of some.  But, I think respect is something I have which cannot be changed by any ideas or opinions.  And I think that’s enough for me to stand in between all this. I think that we should understand that love is for all.

What’s unfair is when you think they can’t love because they’re gay and you can because you’re straight.


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