We Can’t Hate Each Other


I thought that after all, teens understand their fellows more than anyone.  Because, after all, we know better what it feels like to be young in this era. I thought that we’ve learned enough to shield one another from the judgmental eyes of the many. Enough to not be one of those to judge.

I thought that we’ve lerned from Taylor Swift that haters shouldn’t affect us, because we are comfortable on our skin. I thought that Mean Girls have shown us the true value of friendship and inner beauty.  I thought that Bianca Piper has profoundly explained to us that we all are a DUFF at some point but that’s okay. I thought we’ve seen Miley’s transformation, enough to be open to the different ways of self-expression.  A lot of people hated her, called her sl*t, wh*r* and a thousand other names. But she was going through something then. I thought we heard Ed Sheeran we he sang Take It Back.

What happened to us? It’s not enough that we simply hear or see these things. It’s not enough.

We shouldn’t hate each other. We should have each other.


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