Can I just rant about the people who judge my gender orientation based on the way I look? Why do people claim the right to define the person I am for mere self-satisfaction? Does my preference bother them that much that they don’t realize it’s not their job to eye me like that? I use to ignore other’s reaction or opinion because I believe it’s my body and my life to control.  More importantly, it’s not their business to criticize people so why should I care?

But, really, why would people say I am someone I am not with no evidence? Or maybe they think they have a proof.
Is it because I don’t dress like the “standard” girl my age do? Is it because I don’t cover my face with make up? Is it because I don’t have a boyfriend? Is it the many other reasons people try to see instead of reality? Or is it just them being ahead of the truth? Denying the fact that it’s disrespectful to label people.  Or is it just them throwing words just for the sake of it?

I accept myself for what I am and what I am not. Maybe I don’t dress like the typical girl my age do.  I don’t fall under the average teen you see.  I don’t fall under the “standards” of the society.  Where all that is acceptable are those beautiful.  But, I am beautiful too. 

Not because I prefer pants or jeans over skirts means I have the heart of a guy. Not wearing making ups doesn’t make me less of a lady. I just want to dress simple and you tell me I get judged for that too? Why?

Has society been this cruel? I hope that we get better than this.

I am a girl. Heart and soul. Don’t make my being a girl a consequence to be someone I am not. Like dressing clothes I am not comfortable in. Let me be comfortable with who I am.

I hope that all those who feel the same way gets stronger and braver when it comes to showing the world who they truly are. Let’s not let anybody define us.

Society, let me be truly free and happy to be the person I want to be.


3 thoughts on “Why”

    1. I’m assuming you’re feeling the same way sometimes. It’s ill right? But, I know that one day, we’ll be truly free to express ourselves. God Bless you!

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