College Update


I’m currently a regular 4th year student under the industrial engineering department of my college. To tell you honestly, it’s getting really tough for me. I have this one subject that’s going way out of control.  I mean, I have reviewed for the short quizzes and pulled my stretches for the major exam and still nothing. I know that I still have half of this term to make things work but I’m extremely scared of failing.  And I know too that it’s not the rarest event for a college student to fail a class, but with so much pressure on my shoulders, I feel like I can’t afford to fail. Most college students are experiencing the same struggle. And, I bet at some point most have thought of giving up but didn’t and chose to keep moving. I want to be one of those people.

Right now, I’m plucking all my courage and hopes altogether to stay willing in pursuing greater achievements.  I have so many good people and friends around me to help. And knowing that I’m not alone on this makes it easier for me to strive harder. I know I can be bigger than my inferiority.

Everybody goes through something. Everybody should get through it.


4 thoughts on “College Update”

  1. Hi! I kind of understand what you’re going through; I’ve been there myself. You can do it!! I thought I’d fail a class before too but I just kept on, studied harder, and showed my professor that I was really trying, and that I did care for her class. Perhaps, you can also ask your professor if there’s anything you can do to better your grades, maybe s/he can give you some advice 🙂 Just hold on, as my thesis adviser had told us before – whatever you are going through right now will pass. Don’t forget to take a breather every now and then though 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!
      At one point I just felt like I wouldn’t have felt this way had I tried harder earlier. But, I can’t go back to change things so I thought I just have to keep moving forward.
      I will remember how you got over it and stay positive about this. I will try to approach my professor too.
      And, I promise not to pressure myself too much. 🙂

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