Reunion with Friends


Yesterday was the opening of the school’s sports fest. Most of my college friends participated in the cheerdance competition so I decided to watch them perform.  It’s one of my most awaited events of the year because it’s one of the rare times we get to have a week break from reality. Despite that my only contribution was moral support to the team, I felt so proud of my friends.  They’re like my little brothers and I couldn’t stop smiling seeing them dance their hearts to the max.  The results will be announced on the closing ceremony, which will be on this coming Friday. There’s nothing much to do about my excitement but wait til then.

After the opening ceremony, I met with two of my friends from high school.  We all go to the same college but we’re taking up different courses.  It was an unplanned hang out; we just bumped into each other and decided to chill and catch up over dinner.  There’s this newly opened burger house not far from the campus; it was the talk of the town so we went there to see for ourselves.  The place was sending some good vibes.  It’s set up was at a yard. Simple, but it gives a sense of coziness. The whole time we were there, minutes just blew away like seconds.

So, I was with my friends. I remember being with these two for 8 hours in high school. That’s been almost 3 and a half years away but I don’t feel like it’s been that long.  The way we talked about things, the way we tell each other things, nothing has changed. A lot has happened, for us individually, and those things only allowed us to grow bigger. Those changes brought us even closer even with our different interests leading us to different paths.

That unexpected reunion was amazing.  It was perfect timing for it to happen. I needed that break and I was glad to have it shared with them.

Share your life to people who care as much as you do. 


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