Q & A:

If you guys have been reading me ’til today, you know that I’m answering a list of questions (I found online) about life that I think are worth the time to think through.  And I was excited to come across one reader and found a comment from her.

Almost two weeks ago, Madeline Johnson found my little blog and had me thinking about this wonderful question.

“The question that I think is interesting to ponder as we wander through this world – What would the highest version of myself do in this moment? What would the bravest, fearless, strongest, happiest, calmest version of me do right now?”

Here is my answer:

For a 19 years old kid like me, there includes a lot of different context about bravery, being fearless and strong and all.  But, putting them in between “what” and “do right now” placed them into a whole new perspective.

Some say that when we’re young, we have the freedom to do what we want; because later, life will eventually tell us to take things seriously. That’s how we think it is. That’s what most people say it is. To enjoy while you can. Dream while there’s time. Have fun.  But, no. No. That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

Life does not start after our graduation in college.  It does not start with marriage. It does not start with a morning or a breakfast or a coffee. It does not start with anything or anyone but you. Life starts when you decide for it to begin and let its magic happen, when you take action, when you do your big move.  You are the answer. Like how Ed Sheeran said it:


“What would the bravest, fearless, strongest, happiest, calmest version of me do right now?”

If you’ve always wanted to do something, always wanted to try, do it now. The bravest thing to do is allow yourself to have that chance to dare. Do not fear failures.  I heard someone said that one cannot truly achieve success unless he experienced the downs. When everyone seems to disagree with your decision, push through it.  Show them how much you value their concerns but that above anything, it is for your own good as well.  That you would not put yourself to any harm.  Be grateful for having the ability to learn and will to dream. Loving what you do and where it may take you will make you a happy person. If you’re ever leaving something behind in pursuit of your dreams, patiently accept people’s eyeing and opinions. Understand that they could be just in shock, too.

What would the highest version of me do in this moment? Do something that will take me where I want to be in the future. Do something that will make me truly, truly happy without ever having to leave someone dear to me. Or causing anyone to leave me.

It’s easier when we know what we want for our future.  But, If we don’t, then the highest version of us should patiently wait for that drive and commitment in whatever craft we fall in love doing.  More than that. let’s constantly try for things until we find our passion.


Each day is a blessing from God. And each day you’re doing what you love to do is an even greater gift.


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