School Update: Off to Zombie Land

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nothin’ But A Good Time.”


Since Wednesday, I’ve been calling this week the zombie week because none from our class has had enough time of sleep. You could say that rest is almost the rarest thing. From this day, we only have two weeks left to accomplish three requirements for three different courses. We’re working on our design of a simple power supply for our electronics class and then two case studies for another two courses.

Now if you ask me if I get a day off from all these work, what kind of activities will make my day?

I would have to say that the simplest chill out can already make my day. To start the day, I would picture me and my friends munching fries and popcorn over some feel good movies. We’ll make some pasta for lunch. The whole time we’ll only talk about the good times we had. If the weather’s good by afternoon, we can go biking or play volleyball.  Then if we get tired, we’ll get back to a friend’s house and rest or maybe take a shower before we decide to drop by our favorite coffee shop to chat some more. That time over the smell of brewed coffee.

I guess if I ever get the chance to have that kind of day off, I’ll be motivated to do better on my school projects. For now, it’s a little impossible to experience that but maybe I’ll just reward myself after this semester is over.


Sometime in the future, I’ll understand better why I needed to learn what I’m studying right now.  


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