School Update: Stress is finally over! (For now)


It’s been almost a month since I last came here with a school update.  That time I was working on 3 projects and you can imagine how stressful that was. But now, I am so happy to share with you that this semester is finally over for me! Yey! My group mates and I were able to accomplish those projects, built that prototype of our power supply after several walks and talks and yes, I’m finally free from stress (for now)!

If you’re guessing I’m smiling as I type this post, yes.  You’re guessing that correctly.  The last week of work and final revisions was definitely the most exhausting.  We’re up late nights and meal time was the only break we had.  But, even on the dining table, all we talked about was electronics and resistors and work measurements. Now, I’m home day and night and not thinking of anything besides what to eat or which series am I seeing next.  I mean, that was 0-100 school to life “real quick”.  I know it’s not for long.  Two to three weeks later and we’re all back to normal, but still, it’s good to have a break from all of it even just for a while.

So, to you who’s having a really tough time in school, it’s going to be okay.  Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll see good results in the end. When you work really hard on something, you’ll appreciate more the outcome.  Certainly, if you put your heart into it, it’ll be a success, so keep going!

Keep Going!


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