E – Engineering

Back in my last year in high school, I was still thinking of what program to take in college while my classmates were already taking admission tests.  A part of me says I know what I want, and the other is convinced I am not sure about it. I thought it was the most difficult thing to decide on for someone at such age.  I was time pressured.

I couldn’t figure what I want but I was lucky enough to know what I don’t want.  I don’t like teaching because I don’t trust my patience.  Nursing couldn’t be my profession because my hands sweat when I hold sharp objects, which means I can’t be a doctor either even if I enjoy watching medical dramas.  I like logic and stuffs like that but IT just isn’t for me.  I am not physically or emotionally strong enough to enlist in any military academies.  Psychology could have qualified to be one of the best options, if it wasn’t for all the term and theory memorization it requires.  I thought I have better chances with formulas.

I am aware that Engineering isn’t easy and it can be really challenging.  But, I also think that it is, among the other degrees, the one I would enjoy or at least be willing to take the challenge.

And I guess that’s why I am still here.   On my fourth year in the Industrial Engineering department.

How about you, what do you do?

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