Impulsive Actions vs. Smart Reactions


Today I learned that you shouldn’t really act on your impulse.  You can’t rely on decisions your head makes out of time pressure.  Decision making can be the scariest thing but it should not be based on a split-second thought.  Most of the time, you won’t be happy with the results.  Other times, you can get lucky and be just fine (which only happens when you’re given a second chance after messing up the first time).

I think impulsive actions are done with an aim for escape.  They are made because people want a quick get away from where they are.  As if finding something else to deal with as an excuse from facing the real problem.  We don’t know what tomorrow is like, but instead of facing today, we walk a different path by acting on our impulse.  We try to make a fool of ourselves and convince our inner senses to go running on safe express lane when we can walk on the right path, whatever it may be and wherever that may lead us.

Do not act on your impulse especially when you know you’re not sure how things will turn out.  When a thought comes to your mind, do not act on it instantaneously.  Decisions are made after a while, after you have weighed out all your options.

Take a step back and see the bigger picture.  Pull yourself out of the situation and breathe.  Then decide.


I am not saying that if you never allow yourself to quickly response to questions means you’ll never face regret anymore.  Because regret will always be there to catch you when you fall. All I am saying is that, we can be seeing less of regrets if we put the right amount of time on thinking before making a decision.

You’re not actually delaying anything by not answering right away.  But, you can be saving yourself from greater damage if you think widely before making a move.

Don’t think you’re being stupid for not being able to make quick decisions.  You’re just being careful to do smarter reactions.


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