Being Sixteen

This is my response to the daily prompt: Only Sixteen

A lot of changes happen in one year.  What more in three years?  My 16 year-old self was at the point of adjustments.  I was starting college and didn’t know what else to expect besides drastic changes.

It was the first time for me to be the new kid in school.  I know we all don’t know anybody in first year of college, but that was completely an alien feeling for me.  I never changed school since I was 5.  I don’t know how to be friendly without sounding desperate for a company.  I was a shy kid and trying to talk to another human being scares the fetus in me.  What if they don’t like me? What if the other kids still think like a high school brat and won’t even bother to socialize with socially-impaired babies like me?  For three days, I was tip-toeing around campus like I’m in a foreign country that speaks a foreign language. I must admit, I probably looked pathetic on my first week in Engineering.

Photo by Sam Dean/

Well luckily, those “me times” didn’t last too long.  Thank heavens! Although, I was still the quiet kid in the group who says only a few things when there’s a chance.  Back in high school, I was the same person.  I don’t talk much in the group but I listen.  I brought that person to college. Days go by and every minute I spend with my friends lets me know who they are.  Not just as blockmates, but as friends.

I learned how to trust, although I would have to say that up to now I still don’t tell my friends everything I feel.  But, that’s not because they don’t listen to me like how I do to them.  It’s me who won’t allow myself to speak.  A lot of changes happen in one year, but if there’s anything that has not changed with me, it’s that I don’t trust my emotions to anyone.

My 16 year-old self was a lot happier, and then the same year we lost my father.  I’m still happy right now but I think three years ago, I was a happier person.  Each day since that day we lost him, I believe I got stronger.  I knew I needed to be strong because those things happen.


This quote says it all for me.

Change comes by force, but we are given options.  It’s still our choice how different things are going to be. 



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