If I Leave (Part 1)

This is my response to the daily Prompt: If You Leave


What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? 

Okay, this one’s really hard to admit but here we go.  You may have read my posts about college and the program I’m studying. You know this isn’t my first choice because I didn’t have any first choice.

Going through the first year and second year of college was okay, good even.  I had fun and made friends but math was getting more and more complicated as another term passes.  I told you once that I like challenges, but it gets harder and harder I’m starting to doubt it still gives me the chill.  Well, I guess it still has. Only the chills I’m feeling are out of fear. Reality check: Math is fun, until the half of your class understands the lesson and you feel you’re on the other half.


So what was the last thing I contemplated leaving? Engineering.  It’s as if I’m in a long time relationship and it’s all going downhill. People in such kind of status fight badly enough to keep the relationship strong and going.  I feel like I’m that kind of person right now but  I’ve already been in this program for years, why quit now?

To be an engineer has now become a life goal, although there are times when it seems impossible to achieve.

I picture the future with me as a member of an engineering firm and I like the feeling it gives me.  That’s how I know I should not quit the program.  It’s just the studying part that’s complicated to deal with.


Now if you’re going to ask me what would I do if I ever decide to leave school, I have to say I will study film making.  Not formally though, I think I will have to learn it through experience and actual practice.

(I think even after I finish engineering, I will still learn film making.)

*To be continued*

If it makes you happy (or sad sometimes), keep doing it!


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