If I Leave (Part 2)

(Read the first part here: If I Leave)

          Now you know that if I am not an Engineering student right now, I would have been in film making.  I love movies and I don’t just love watching movies.  I watch and I learn so much from them.  They’re like life in a smaller picture.  It’s as if I am seeing a sample of a  lifetime in less than 3 hours.  Movies are fictional stories with twisted plots and incredible actors to play along them.  Yes, some are based or inspired on true stories but that that doesn’t change the fact that they are in movies.  Interpreted and acted for the people to see.  Movies are sometimes more educational than just entertaining.  I think that more than relating to each story, we should see the deeper message they aim to show to us.


            I think I am such a big fan of movies because I think I am better at that than in writing.  Movies need scripts and dialogues and all that but I think I can do a greater job at  asking for the right emotions than finding the perfect words to fit the lines.  I can’t do short stories, let alone a book.  Maybe I have ideas, but I don’t know if I can be constructing a good script correctly.  I think I can be more comfortable with my work when I see it in action.

    I talked so much about movies and film making and writing for someone who said she’d stick it up with Engineering, didn’t I huh?  Well, we’re all not just one person.

Our dreams and passion are relative to each other.  When you know what you want to do, act on it. You’re blessed to know where your happiness is taking you.  Some people are out there still wondering where they should be, or what’s going to make them happy.

(Right now, I can’t do anything about my love for films besides finish college and find work to support my passion. If your chance is right there waiting for you to grab it, I’d maybe hate you for a second. Just kidding. I won’t.  I’d just calmly ask you to try, or maybe try harder.)


Look  forward to the day when you never have to ask yourself every morning if you’re okay with where you are, because you just know deep down you’re not.  Because you’re more than okay.  You are happy.


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