Before 2015 Ends. . .

I cannot recall a lot of things that made my 2015 one of the most remarkable years of my life.  There were a lot of turning points, a lot of unfamiliar roads that were passed by, too many scratch papers wasted, too many laughing moments where most were truly genuine.  It wasn’t the most joyous year, but it made me see a lot in life which defines the person I am today.  I try to look back and I have to admit, I am not happy for what I’ve only accomplished this past year, because I know I could have done so much more if I only put myself out there.  And that’s the good part: when I realized I could be more if I only believed in what I can do. If I believe in myself.

Before the year 2015 ends, I wish to say thank you for all that has been.  They have set my views into better perspective.  Thank you to God, to my family and friends, and to all the people who have given me inspiration.  I am sorry for losing my motivation, during the start of the 2nd semester.  I hope my professors didn’t notice much of that, because I’ll be picking it up and attaching it back to my mind.

Let’s all have a good start for 2016! Celebrating for the ending and the beginning of a new chapter!

Spread the good vibes! 


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