Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Quote Me

January 4:
Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?


       Nothing stays the same and as exact as they were yesterday.  We change little by little every day because we learn from every trials.  But, this doesn’t mean to say that we’re simply susceptible to change.  We learn to adapt because we know better than before.  This doesn’t mean we conform to what is on trend or what is being asked of us, but this simply says that we outgrow ourselves to be the bigger person we can be.

           If we look back and realize that everything is different, don’t worry.  I believe it’s what is meant to happen.  Aren’t we all told a hundred times that life goes full circle?  Sometimes we think that we’re in a much better place from where we were years ago, but God sees our future better than we do.  Life goes full circle and nothing stays the same.  We might not see the reason why things happen, but I always make myself believe it’s for something important that will bring me closer to being the best version of myself.

          This quote by C.S. Lewis opened my eyes to something I have been overlooking for a while.  I thought that it is possible to not change who I am.  But, it’s not.  I will always change because I should always keep my eyes open to things that need to be seen.  I will not deprive myself of the lessons I should be learning.  Maybe, at one point, I’ll change and not in the way I should have.  I think none of us should worry, because again, life goes full circle.  There will come another point where I’d understand better and change yet again.

Change doesn’t always have to big, but it should make you feel big.  


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