Daily Prompt: My favorite

January 6:
What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person?  Tell us about it.

My brother is one of my most favorite people in the world.  Right now, he’s working on a project for his employer as an engineer.  He stays at an apartment close to where the site of their project is, and comes home every weekend.

The longest he’s been away was two weeks.  I know that’s a short while but I’m used to seeing him everyday.  I like talking to my brother because he’s witty and we share the same interest on a lot of things.  Like Harry Potter, fondness for 9gag, engineering facts or some random trivias.  My brother has a wide mindset.  He’s basically one of my idols; I look up to him.

I’m close to both my brother and sister.  That’s why I hate it sometimes when they’re out on a date.  They’re both in long term relationships.  Well, there are days when you want them all to yourself, like when you’re all younger and have nothing else to do but stay home and put up with each other.


Family are the friends you keep forever.  


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