Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: 32 flavors

January 10:
Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely?

Yes, it’s Vanilla and Chocolate plus Cookies and Cream.  I love these flavors especially for my ice cream.

There are too many flavors in food, all taste good but we all have different favorites.  It’s one of the many things that make us unique to ourselves.  It’s another way of saying that not because we like different flavors of ice cream or cake or whatever, means the many other flavors are not half as delicious than our preference.  That’s ridiculous to think even about.


We have different choices and answers.  We are free to choose the ones we really like.  After all, we’re choosing for our own contentment, not others.

You ask yourself what you want when you buy your own food,  because you’re the one who’s going to eat it.  The same goes in life.  


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