Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Ripped from the headlines

January 14, 2016
Head to your favorite online news source. Pick an article with a headline that grabs you. Now, write a short story based on the article.

“Zooey Deschanel bundles up in black puffy coat and Uggs as she goes over her lines on set of New Girl in LA”  —  dailymail.co.uk

I’m not good at writing stories so I’ll just talk about Zooey as Summer.  I first saw her on the movie 500 Days of Summer, which I really enjoyed watching.  It’s story is just funny and appealing.  Tom’s love for Summer was incomparable.  In a way, it’s at a level that is both stupid and brave.

I loved and hated Summer at the same time.  I love the quirkiness but I hate the fact that she made Tom build his hope for nothing.  It was obvious she wasn’t ready for anything when she was with him and she was open to him about that.  But, at one point, she made it seem like she wanted to let him know she cares.  It can’t be denied that Tom gets to be blamed too.  They were both tip toeing about the confirmation of their relationship.  Both were scared of the finality and the answers.

All in all, I liked the story and its message.  It was clear and precise.

It takes a while for someone to know the other person really well.  For Tom and Summer, it took  500 days.


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