Last One for Midterms!

Today’s the 3rd day of examinations and tomorrow is going to be the day of my written tests for this first half of the second semester.  It’s been exhausting.  Although I’ve managed to keep a 7-hour sleep schedule, the fact that I forced myself to get up 5 am in the morning still made me tired.  There were countless of pages for me to review and I could not make more time to finish them all.  I was almost panicking but I had no choice but to trust the stock knowledge.  And believe me, lately, there was hardly any.  How am I even proud to say that part?

Well, thanks to my guts I can still survive the week and still have the energy for tomorrow.  Besides, it’s all computation for Operations Research 3 so there’s nothing but formula to memorize.  Equations? I can clear a little more space in my head for them to sit in.  Words and theories? Not so much.

After this week, I’m going to have a few days break before we start on new chapters.  I’m so looking forward to those days I couldn’t focus so much on studying.


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