Hope is the Next Best Thing

To me, Hope is one of the best things in life.  It’s usually the answer to so many questions. In fact, sometimes, it can be the only answer to anything.  Faith is the tool we use to decide to take action, but hope is the one that will back us up when that action is done.


When you’re in a difficult situation, your friends tell you to hope for the best. It takes a brave heart to hope for that to happen, but there are times when there are no other options.  Maybe because there’s nothing left to do.

Hope is a beautiful feeling.  It makes you believe in so many things.  It makes people go round, which is why it’s both gorgeous and wrong.  You imagine scenarios in your head and the next thing you know is wanting them to actually come to life.  You hope.  It’s alright.  That’s not so dangerous, until you take it to your hands how things go with a no-matter-what thinking.  That’s hoping to the extent that you reach greed.  That’s when it gets bad.

I cannot imagine life without hope.  Even at the darkest of times, you hope and pray that it gets better.  Even after bad results happen, you never stop hoping.  We should never stop hoping that something good, or even great, would come out of it.


Hope is a beautiful feeling.  People grow mature with the right dose of it.


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