Internship Update!

Almost a month and a week ago, I started my 300-hour internship at a manufacturing company.  Actually, yesterday, our section went to hang out at a resort that’s close to where one of our engineers live.

My first day with them, I thought, okay let’s do this right and quick.   As I was introducing myself, I was wondering deep inside whether I’d get attached to this new environment or will I ever want to go back even for just a visit.  I pushed away the idea after a few days, after all, I was there to learn and not just collect friends.  They were welcoming, but no one actually gets close and buddies in a day or two.  To be honest, it took me a while before I got really comfortable moving around the office.  I did my work quietly and smiled occasionally when they joked around.  And then, I had a conversation with one of my superiors who is an engineer and I guess that’s when I really felt like I was part of the team.  Instead of teaching me something about work, he shared with me something about life.  He’s not much older than I am but I feel that he’s experienced life a lot differently than I did.  As if he’s already gone through twice as much of I’ve only traveled.  Actually, he inspires me to do better.

Tomorrow is going to be the last day of my internship.  There’s so much to remember about life, career and proper work ethics and even attitude.  I didn’t simply learn about the work they have but also about their family.  They’ve all been together for a while and it’s a blessing to have known a group like them.


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